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now with pureed penguin

feedle's livejournal

10 April 1970
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B9 D+++ T+ K S-- F I+ O+ X+++ E+ L- C- Y0 R- W+ P+ M2 N- N+

FUB1amrs A- C+++~ Dm+ H+ M++++ P++ R+ T+ W** Z- Sm+++ RLCT a+ calm+++ d+ e++ f++ h+ iw+++ j p+ sm+++

Version: 3.1
GCS/M d+(--)@pu s+:++>+ a C++$ UBLSC++(+++)$ P+++ L++++$ E--- W+++$ N++ o+
K-- w(---) !O- M++ V-- PS+++ PE Y+ PGP++ t+ 5 X R+++ tv--$ b+++ DI D--- G++
e+ h- r+++(++) y+**

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User Number: 779118
Date Created:12-03-2002
Number of Posts: 251

Born in Southern California, and somehow managed to escape only to land back there again. Along the way, he's lived in Silver Lake (a district of Los Angeles), Phoenix, Bakersfield, and San Francisco (just to name a few). Feedle is a major tinkerer, fiddling with everything from computers and electronics to "weird science." He's built everything from pirate radio transmitters to X-ray emitters. You can find out more information by simply reading Feedle's LiveJournal, or by going to his website, the world needs more mayo.
Strengths: friendly, funny, intelligent
Weaknesses: cranky, runs jokes and gags into the ground, distracted by shiny objects, shops at Fry's Electronics
Special Skills: kicks ass at Asteroids
Weapons: Explosive flatulence
Motto: "There's no such thing as too little of a bad thing."

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