feedle (feedle) wrote,

I'm getting old and cranky.

April Fool's Day is a day where I just want to stay in my home and not go out and deal with the world, mostly because it reminds me that the vast majority of people on this planet are idiots, fools, or just plain fucktards. I can usually count on one hand the "April Fool's Jokes" that are funny and original (Google's sewer-line ISP is one of them). The rest are just irritating to have to deal with all day long. In some cases, they just serve to remind us of how fucked up the world we live in actually is, and are too close to my day-to-day reality to really be funny.

Item: Congress is opening up a whole investigation into Google's changing of the satellite imagery around New Orleans to pre-Katrina imagery. Meanwhile, there's no Congressional inquiry into the hundreds of pets that have died as a result of eating tainted pet food. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Google changes some pictures on their website, and this is a big deal. Some corporate pigfucker KILLS FAMILY PETS IN ONE OF THE CRUELEST FASHIONS POSSIBLE (renal failure) and Congress can't be assed. Perhaps thousands of cats will have to have subcuteneous fluids for the rest of their natural life (I had to do that to Arthur in his final years, it isn't pleasant to do, and probably isn't the most comfortable thing to get). AND THE BIG THING REQUIRING IMMEDIATE ACTION BY CONGRESS IS GOOGLE CHANGING SOME FUCKING PICTURES? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OUR GOVERNMENT?

I'm sorry. That doesn't exactly put me in a jovial mood.

So, please spare me your April Fool's tomfoolery. I don't wanna hear it.

Edit at 12:20pm: added links to news articles on both subjects for background
Tags: cranky, emo
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