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For those who haven’t heard, I recently moved to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. I’m about 30 miles outside of downtown Bend, at the end of a dirt road.. surrounded on all sides by BLM land (and on one side, by the Oregon Badlands Wilderness). It’s a quite beautiful place, and I’m feeling a certain amount of peace living somewhere so remote and quiet.

I’ll probably post some pictures later, as I can. At the moment, the Internet connectivity is still a bit weird (I have wireless service from my employer), but that should be fixed soon.

All my power is generated by solar and wind. My water comes from a local well. I have a composting toilet, a greywater storage tank, and a collection of propane tanks. In an emergency, I have a 3500 watt Honda generator.

So far, I’m loving it. We’ll see how I feel in the winter when the weather gets crappy..

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